Monday, March 28, 2011

The Nightmare

God, it was bad last night. I made it to the second world again, but I was only half in. I could feel myself tossing in my bed, but I could also feel myself moving about there. It was quite an unfortunate thing. I couldn't hear what the new person I met was saying to me, it was. . . odd. Let me start from the beginning.

When I went to bed last night I was tired, but I wasn't. I was still awake as I drifted into what would be a day dream, but not a restful slumber. I think that allowed me to travel between the first two worlds without having to dive into the third before resurfacing. Very interesting. I have to take note.

Either way, I found myself in an area previously unexplored. It was a neighborhood not too far from the one my parents live in, but again it was twlight. I went into a new house there and met a party of people, something like 7. All but one were placeholders. The one that wasn't was a somewhat younger looking man with a bald head and a scruffy beard. He addressed me, but I couldn't hear him. It was something like the sound a TV makes when it's all snow. Not quite static, more  like white noise. My subconsious was able to carry on a conversation with him, but I have no idea what I said.

The party ended and everyone decided to crash on the floor of the living room. I ended up lying next to the person I'd been talking too. I attempted to drift in the second world too, and maybe get an actual restful sleep, but I couldn't, as my corpereal body wouldn't relax in our world either. I'm now very VERY glad I didn't drift off.

I kept looking up at the door of the house, which was left open because the night was so fine. I would toss, look at the door, toss, look again. I felt like something very bad was going to come through that door. About 5 this morning that thing came.

I only called it the rake in my twitter feed because that's the only thing I could describe it as at the time. What had slipped through the door was a man-like thing of outstanding height and muscle tone. The thing had no secondary sex characteristics visible, although it was completely nude. The skin was as white as paper and had some sort of sheen in the moonlight that made it look like it might be wet. It had eyes that glowed bright red with its own inner light, no nose to speak of, no lips, but a sinister grin which bared age browned fangs. It was salivating, I know that now, after reviewing my dream, over and over. I'm sure it was going to eat me after it stabbed me with the razor sharp claws it had on its right hand.

Now I realize it wasn't the rake. The rake, in the creepy pasta and other descriptions walks on all fours like a dog. This thing, however, walked upright like a man. I was able to jerk myself out of sleep by screaming because I was partially lucid through the entire ordeal, but not before I realized that the person I had met was trying to use me as a shield. That thing was after him. I don't know why.

I don't know the consequences of dying in the second world, but I aim to never find out. From now on I'm not going to wander in the second world if I'm not with spazz. I have no reason to trust him either, but he hasn't tried to use me as a shield yet.

I also have no idea what that thing was. I don't know if it's an entity tied to Slender Man or if it's a separate evil of the second world. I honestly don't care to find out. I've never been so scared by a nightmare before. What an ordeal.

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