Saturday, March 26, 2011

I remember!

I was meditating on the phrase I heard while passing through the split between the first and second worlds today and I remembered where I had heard it. I spent a little time in Germany a few years ago and I saw a sign that said "Betreten Verboten". I remember so little German, but the street signs stuck with me because I needed to know what they meant for my own saftey. I didn't hear "Be Tree Ten, Ver Boat Ten" I heard "Betreten Verboten"! In English that's "No Trespassing". I can only assume that means that I'm not supposed to be able to access the second world in the way that I do. I can't willfully do it in any case. Not with the Slender Man watching. He can't see me, but he knows I'm there. I need to wait and stumble there like I did before.

In any case, it's a waiting game. I opened up a twitter, if anyone is reading and wants to follow me there:!/withlovecraft

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