Sunday, March 27, 2011

Already tired ; No coffee

Went out with some friends last night. It was so nice to get out of the house for once. The whole thing about epileptics not being allowed to drive until having been seizure free has made it damn near impossible for me to get a license. Between work and class I have no time to take the driving classes required in my state. It was quite unfortunate that I didn't get my seizures under control until college. Oh well, when I graduate I should have some spare time, and I'll be moving back in with my parents so I work part time for a bit maybe. Or at least a normal day job and go to driving school at night.

I tried the spicy/salty thing again last night. Partially to experiment and partially because I'm fat and I love 7/11 Jamaican beef pies :>. Alas, no nightmares, but I did surface for a moment because I thought someone was pounding on the apartment door. I wasn't completely awake, but I was awake enough to sit up and think about getting out of bed. I didn't, of course, being the lazy ass I am and went back to bed. It's an interesting feeling, being awake enough to open your eyes, but asleep enough to dive right back into dreams.

On that subject, no dreams of note from last night. However, for the past two mornings I've been woken up 8:30 sharp by agonizing pains in my legs. I have bad knees from childhood activities and they tend to get set off by cold and activity. Last nights bowling/dancing is understandable, but Friday night wasn't that cold nor did I do anything but laze about my room all day. I've only ever gotten that ache during snow storms or when my boyfriend stupidly leaned on my knees while getting out of bed. It's like someone was sitting on them.

On a side note: No more bowling! Or dancing! Ever! Even my back hurts >.<

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