Friday, April 15, 2011

I saw Micah

I saw him again. I was so happy. However, what he had to say ruined that fairly swiftly.

I came, as I always do, from the side of the house facing the main road. I saw him sitting on the front stoop picking petals off of a flower. When he looked up he took a beat to look at me. A moment later he was running towards me.
"What did you do?" he shouted as he came to a stop.
"What?" I replied, puzzled.
"Why did you forget your pills?" He was shaking, and it was hard to understand him. I grabbed his arm and he stopped.
"How did you know?" I asked.
"I could see you coming. I could hear your thoughts in this world. You can never miss those pills, you can never have seizures [Anomie]! He'll find you!"
"Who will find me?"
"I can't tell you that. That's what you have to figure out. I need you to understand. You CANNOT forget those pills. Ever. Promise me,"
"Promise me, [Anomie]!"
"I promise,"
"Good. Now walk with me," he said as we began to walk towards the neighborhood where I had seen the white thing. I hesitated.
"Come on. Don't worry. The wraith is gone. It found what it was looking for,"
"The goatee man?"
"Yes. He was a heretic. He chose the wrong trespasser to warn, and was killed for the trouble. He tried to use you to bargain, but you were too quick. You must remember those pills [Anomie] for the sake of us both,"
"Okay," We were now in front of the house of the man who had tried to use me as a shield. The windows were broken out, and there was what looked like blood on the front stoop. Micah just looked at me. I nodded. I got the message.
"[Anomie] what happens to time when we are asleep?"
"It passes,"
"How do we know?"
"Because the numbers on the clock change, and the sun rises,"
"How do we know when time ends?"
"Time never ends. Time is eternal,"
"Then what is death?"
"If time is eternal, what is death?"
"What are you trying to tell me?"
"If time is eternal, then death will not end it. If death will not end time, then what happens to time when all people on Earth die? Time cannot stop, there must always be time keepers,"
"I don't know what you're saying!" I cried, tears in my eyes. I had no idea what he was trying to tell me.
"What color is the sky now, [Anomie]?"
I looked up, expecting the same twilight I had always experienced. Instead, the sky was darker, as if the sun was finally setting. "It's almost dark,"
"Yes, it's almost dark. I will see you again when it's dark. Wake up,"

And, as with the last meeting between Micah and I, I was ejected out of the dream. What the hell is all this about time and death? I can't even figure out what he's talking about. No matter how much I think on it. I dunno, I'm tired and have some sort of cold. I need to sleep. I'm open to any ideas.

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