Sunday, April 24, 2011

Descartes was not Finnish

So, happy Easter everyone. Or passover. Whatever you celebrate or don't celebrate.

Today was a good day, in fact, my week was pretty fine. Some spattering of dreams here and there. Nothing really notable until last night. Last night was some weird third world dream involving hybrid cat/rabbits that were as loyal as dogs. I apparently found one named Medina that I really loved, but my mom gave her away. I cried and cried until I said her name and she came charging back to me. There was also some stuff about running away to Germany and going clubbing with Keoki and Michael Alig, but none of that really matters.

What really matters is this

From Apr 24, 2011

From Apr 24, 2011

That was in my dream book when I opened it this morning to write the entry about the cat/rabbit. I have no idea what the hell that drawing is supposed to be. However, I do know that phrase. I took Latin in highschool and Philosophy in college. That's a play on Descartes' "Cogito ergo sum" or "I think, therefore I am," Instead, this means "We think, therefore we are," Of course, right after that is the signature of our beloved "Lemminkaenen".

I have not, to my knowledge, had a seizure since the last one. I don't know when I wrote this. As with the last one, that is definitely my handwriting. That would also appear to be one of my terrible excuses for art. I haven't written in my dream book since April 16th, so this could have happened anytime between now and then.

Another interesting note, I've been hearing voices again as I'm drifting to sleep. I thought it was due to the allergy meds I've been taking, but now I'm not sure. The voice is always the same, and it seems to be saying something like "mira" or "mirror" and "not alone".

What the hell is going on?

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  1. That picture kinda looks like someone looking in a mirror. Might have something to do with the 'we' theme...