Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I left a note?

I was going to post about a third world dream I had, but in reviewing the dream in my dream journal I found something far more interesting than monsters like octorocks and whiny girls wanting ice cream instead of food. When I opened my diary, I found this:

Apr 6, 2011

It's a drawing of what looks like a really messed up cello and some words in a language I'm not familiar with. That is certainly my handwriting, but I don't have any idea what language it is or what it says. I only have any knowledge of two languages outside of English and those are Spanish and German, both of which this is decidedly not.

If anyone has any idea what language this is, it'd be nice to know what it says. I suppose I wrote this in my post-seizure trance state. I've begun keeping track of my dreams right when I wake up (and apparently while I'm not fully awake because the phrase "escape the sabon" doesn't make any sense)and maybe I was performing a routine in trance. Any help is much appreciated.


  1. It seems Finnish, but I'm not entirely sure.

  2. Checked the folder, and it is, indeed, finnish.

    I checked google translator (great source, huh? lol) and it says "Check the Folder, Beloved Lemminkäinen" (Google actually pointed out the misspelling).

    SO, I checked Wikipedia (and it keeps getting better) and I found this page.äinen

    Hope it helps...


  3. Dang it. I meant "checked the sentence". But I had that folder thing in my head.

    Ignore my mistake.