Sunday, May 15, 2011

Micah and Lemminkaenen

I saw Micah again last night. Again, he spoke in riddles. Luckily I was able to bring Lemminkaenen with me and he seemed able to make some sense of what he had to say. He told me I would return to his world "when it was dark". Unsurprisingly night had finally fallen.
He was sitting on the stoop of the house that he's always at when I see him. Initially, he was wary of the presence of Lemminkaenen, but after a brief explanation of who he was and who I believed him to be, he seemed to relax a bit. I could tell he was guarded with what he told me, a bit more than usual, but Lemminkaenen still listened and tried to make sense of what he told me.
I realized something interesting when I first entered the world with Lemminkaenen, he was shaking too. When he looked at me he seemed very concerned and asked me why I was shaking. Apparently it isn't Micah who shakes, it's me. Lemminkaenen believes that it has something to do with where we were. He believes that instead of just another plain of existence, we were actually on another planet and that I had traveled through some bizarre quantum rift to get there. I'm not sure how true that is, but I can only accept him to be right. I have no evidence to the contrary.
When I finally got Micah talking about something OTHER than Lemminkaenen and his presence he told me that time was short and that there were some things I needed to know about where he was.
"Look at the sky [Anomie],"
I looked up and noticed that there was two moons in the sky. "That's interesting," I replied.
"[Anomie] those moons are rising quickly. The dawn is coming soon. The dawn will bring my new name, and I will forget you. I cannot stop them, and neither can you,"
"I figured as much," I glanced at Lemminkaenen and he seemed to be deep in thought. "Who are the others?" I blurted out to Micah, which seemed to interest Lemminkaenen quite a bit. Micah balked.
"[Anomie] you know I can't answer that,"
"Why not?" Lemminkaenen asked over my shoulder. Micah just stared past him, as much as he accepted Lemminkaenen's presence he refused to acknowledge anything he asked.
"Why not?" I asked.
"Because I'm not entirely sure myself. I can tell you that they have existed always, and will exist always."
"Are they gods?"
"Then what are they?"
"I don't know [Anomie]! I only know that they control what happens here and that they should not be crossed. That thing that you saw enforces their law. I also know that those pills keep you isolated from their thoughts. Once the dawn comes, all of their acts will be forgotten by all but a few, and even those will forget their function,"
"What about the Slender Man?"
"He is another of their enforcers, I think. He does what they cannot do,"
"What does he do?"
"I have dreams, sometimes [Anomie]. I see him in them. I see him in your world and I feel him touch me," He raised his sleeve and I saw a hideous burn mark "and then I wake up, screaming"
"I understand, I think. Micah, all the legends of the Slender Man say that he takes children. Why isn't he taking children anymore?"
"You know. You are the reason. You should know it better than anyone,"
"I don't understand,"
"Think hard [Anomie]. You'll know soon,"
"I hope,"
"[Anomie] please remember your pills. I'd like to see the dawn. Wake up,"
I didn't wake up, but I was once again launched out out the second world. Instead, I found myself sitting in the corridor between the worlds with Lemminkaenen. He looked thoughtful.
"[Anomie] do you know what he meant?"
"I believe that what he told you is that people like you are the reason Slender Man is taking adults. He can't see you. Remember that your epilepsy started when you were thirteen? Those pills keep you from being seen by the Slender man, and I'm sure that whatever "The Others" are, they can't see you either,"
"So they are gods?"
"Perhaps that's the best word for them. I think that's what my era would have called them. I think that's the only word that you have that fits them. The one thing I now know for sure is that the Slender Man does drag people to that side, and he does it for the others,"
"I need to think about it. Let me have a few nights to think it over. I have an idea but I have to work on how to say it,"
"What's this about the dawn?"
"Give me a few days. Don't you have some papers to write?"
And I woke up.
I do have papers to write, and that's why this entry is kinda late. As soon as I hear from Lemminkaenen again you'll know.

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