Sunday, June 12, 2011


I promised when we met that I would never possesses you.

I must break my promise.

I cannot let you do this without begging you to reconsider. I hear everything you think, and I know what you plan to do. Please do not do this. Whatever he can offer it isn't worth it. We must all bear our burdens. Yours is lamentably heavy, but you are the one that must bear it and warn them. You may fail, but you must not give up.

You think you're weak, but you can be strong. I know everything you know and I've seen your strength. You must do what the others couldn't. You have that power.

As soon as I'm done typing this I will leave you forever. I was weakened so much when I saved your spirit, and this is draining the final bit of strength I have to remain in this world. I will return to the land of the sleeping and wait. I know that if you go through with this terrible plan I will never see you again.

Don't lose hope or spirit Anomie. However heavy your burden, one day you'll realize it was worth it if you carry that load.

This song expresses my feelings better than I can. Please don't go.


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